Sunday brunch is a meal I enjoy very much and yesterday’s brunch was especially enjoyable with Kevin’s brother joining us from Ireland. He was passing through Baltimore for less than 24 hours. Very short visit! Wish he could’ve stayed longer! We planned to go out for Korean BBQ as soon as he got in Saturday night, but we could tell he was pretty wrecked from all the traveling. So instead, we had a quiet night in with Five Guys bacon cheeseburgers and fries and a nice bottle of red wine. It was a lovely night catching up on everything that’s been going on back home since our last visit. It’s funny listening to Kevin and his brother talk and joke around. It was like we were back in Ireland! Maybe I’m just used to Kevin’s accent or (oh, Kevin’s not going to like me saying this…) maybe Kevin is sounding more American 😉 , but I find their accents to be very different from each other. It took me a good 15 minutes to adjust my ears to understand what my brother-in-law was saying HAHA.

We decided to go out into the city the next day for brunch. One of our favorite brunch spots is The Food Market in Hampden, Baltimore. The Food Market menu offers ‘Funchies,’ ‘Brunchies’ and ‘Lunchies.’ Funchies are the starters, lighter dishes that can be shared. Brunchies and Lunchies are the mains. Like their names suggest, brunchies had brunch items and lunchies had lunch items. We ordered some drinks while we looked over the menu. Now, I’m always down for daytime drinking, but my tummy was feeling a little off today so I got the iced coffee while the lads enjoyed some cocktails. We ordered a few funchies to share and one brunchie dish each. Here is what we had.

iced coffee

Market Iced Coffee. Splash of chocolate syrup, splash of cream. I couldn’t really taste the coffee. It was more like an iced chocolate milk.


Pisco 1017. Pisco, organic agave nectar, lemon juice, ginger ale, soda, muddled grapes. I had a sip of Kevin’s cocktail and I kind of regretted not getting a proper drink. The Food Market makes really good cocktails (and food).


Stumbling Palmer. 1792 bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, iced tea, muddled orange, crushed ice. Kevin’s brother ordered the Stumbling Palmer. I’m glad he had a half-n-half of sorts while in Baltimore!

coffee cake

Coffee cake while we wait. It’s delicious. Kevin always found it odd that coffee cake doesn’t taste like coffee. I had to explain to him that here, coffee cake is a cake you have with coffee (or as a snack during your ‘coffee break’). In Ireland, if you order a coffee cake, you get a coffee flavored cake.

amish pretzels

Amish soft pretzel. Beer-cheese fondue.

crab dip

Mark’s Hot Crab Dip. Best recipe ever, old bay crackers.

duck omelette

The Duck Omelette. Duck confit, spinach, gruyere, cherry mary, breakfast potatoes.

smokey bowl

Smokey Bowl. Bacon, gouda cream, potato gratin, dippy eggs, english muffin, hollandaise.

chicken and biscuit

Fried Chicken and Biscuits. Poached eggs, hot sauce, ‘cheese whiz’ potato casserole.

dirt cup

Dirt Cup. Chocolate mousse, cheesecake, peanut butter, cookie crumbs. It really looked like a cup for dirt, very tasty dirt! 😉 I remember making desserts like this as a kid, especially around this time of year.

heath bread puddingHeath Bar Bread Pudding. Condensed milk caramel, whipped cream.

We always have a great time at The Food Market. And I love how they give you coffee cake to snack on while you wait for your food to come out. 🙂 Everyone I know who’s been to The Food Market always raves about the Amish soft pretzels. The beer-cheese fondue is gorgeous. Mmm. I told my friend I was going there for brunch and she recommended the Chicken and Biscuits. It was good, but I was expecting the fried chicken to be a bit crispier. The poached eggs however were perfect. Kevin and his brother enjoyed their dishes and had just enough room left for dessert.

I wonder if my bro-in-law found it odd that I was taking photos of everything. As soon as he got his plate, I asked him not to touch it and hand the plate over to me HAHA. It was a great weekend and we ended our short time together with a group selfie! He’s never taken a selfie before so all his shots had half his face cut off. We had a good laugh! GET WITH THE TIMES BRO! 😉 I kid I kid. It was sad to see him go, but Kevin’s other brother will be visiting us this coming weekend. October is looking to be a fantastic month folks!

Check out The Food Market in Hampden for Brunch, Lunch or Dinner. It’s one of our favorite spots in Baltimore!

The Food Market
1017 W 36th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211

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  1. the amish pretzels with beer cheese fondue and the heath bar bread pudding are like two of the best things i’ve ever eaten! as you know, i love the food market 😉

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