September is my favorite month of the year! (I know it is now nearing the end of October, but I wanted to give my favorite month a proper goodbye and thank you before it got too late!) I feel like good things always happen in September…I mean my brother and I were both born in September (scratch that, GREAT THINGS happen in September!! HOLLA! 😉 😉 😉 HAHA. Joking aside, this September in particular was exceptional as we got the green light for a very special project we’ve been working on for some time! If you’ve been following me on facebook and twitter, you’ll know that Kevin and I are opening a Specialty Fry Shop called ‘THE LOCAL FRY’ in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.

exteriorTa Da! *I will have to replace this photo with a better one. You know, one without a car blocking a portion of the facade. HAHA.


It’s funny how things work out in life. I grew up in the food business, working at my parents’ restaurants in and around Baltimore since I was a little girl. But I never thought that I would continue in my parents’ entrepreneurial footsteps and open a restaurant of my own from the ground up. When I moved home 5 years ago (almost exactly to the date), I was given a great opportunity to own and run a wing and sub shop in Baltimore. It was the chance for Kevin and I to finally be in the same country together. Although, I have to say, dating long distance from Italy to Ireland was magical! 🙂 It took me some time to figure out what direction to take in my career. I trained and for a short while pursued a career in fashion in Milan – which I very much enjoyed and at times miss quite a bit. But I’m glad to be back home in Charm City, where it all began, doing what I’ve always loved to do – cook and share good food with family and friends, both old and new!

The Local Fry is something Kevin and I have been talking about and working on since the moment we moved here together. Each year we’d take a trip back to see my in-laws and before each visit we’d sit and list all the things we’d eat and all the restaurants we’d go to while abroad. I know what you’re thinking – Ummm Ireland? Good food?!? You’d be surprised my friends! There were certain dishes there that we craved and we couldn’t find here in the states. So we began experimenting in our kitchen to recreate all of our favorite dishes and flavors. That is how the concept of ‘The Local Fry’ was born. It’s Irish Chip meets American Fry – flavors Kevin introduced to me, flavors I introduced to Kevin and dishes we whipped up together. I even asked a graphic designer friend of mine to create an illustration of an Irish potato meeting an American potato in front of the Eiffel Tower and when they kiss, a bunch of frites jump out at you like fireworks. Too cheesy huh?! Mmm cheese fries! HAHA. Our menu will feature loads of exciting dishes showcasing flavors from our culinary adventures around the world and flavors that blend together our unique cultures and cuisines, all atop hand-cut fries carefully prepared in-house. We want people to see fries in a new way, as a meal in itself – to be the star on the plate not just as an appetizer or a side dish. We plan to have other menu offerings such as buffalo-style wings, sliders and salads (although maybe not right away).

I love how Sarah Meehan from the Baltimore Business Journal wrote that ‘An Irish chip met an American fry, and a crispy romance was born.’ Kevin, we have a crispy romance! The CRISPIEST! 😉

I’ve wanted to invite you all to join us at our dinner table long before I started this blog and now I finally can! There will be seating for about 35-40 guests and we’re BYOB. Can’t wait to have you all over at The Local Fry!

The Local Fry
21 E. Cross St.
Baltimore, MD 21230

Keep an eye out for us this winter. We’re hoping to be open sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 and will keep everyone posted on facebook and twitter with our progress. We should all start going to the gym right now, cause once these doors are open…it’s game over! HAHA. #icaneatfriesalldayeryday #nomnom #irishchipmeetsamericanfry #newyearsresolutionWHAT?!

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It’s coming along quite nicely! I can’t believe just a month ago we were looking at an empty space. The bones are up and ready for drywall. 🙂

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