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Italian afternoons with family

Over the weekend my brother invited us over to Ocean City to spend the day with his family – swimming, eating and taking in the … rain! The weather wasn’t the best, but when you’re with good company, it doesn’t really matter. We got in some waves, lounged by the pool, walked the boardwalk, ate loads of crabs and made new memories, especially with my nephews. Those cute little guys are growing up so fast! The other day I thought to myself ‘how weird would it be when they’re old enough to drink.’ Can you imagine? ‘Wanna grab a beer uncle Kevin?’ WHAT?!?! 😉 I’m getting carried away, they’re only in elementary school!!! HAHA.

To thank them for their hospitality, we invited them over for lunch. I had originally planned to make 3 pasta dishes, but Kevin suggested we do some meats, salad and pasta instead. Good call Kevin, but I couldn’t let him have the last word. So to compromise, I made a meat plate, a salad, and TWO pastas! We opened a really nice bottle of Amarone wine and enjoyed a lovely Italian themed lunch. Good food, great company and fabulous wine. That’s how we do it! 😀 (more…)

‘Hi Mommy. Are you free for dinner?’

roast dinner spread

One of the many things I look forward to when visiting my in-laws in Ireland is Sunday roast. We gather together with all of Kevin’s siblings at his parents’ home in the beautiful Irish countryside and we enjoy the day with good home cooking and good conversation. How every Sunday should be! 😉 When Kevin first moved to the states, I tried to keep up with it, but cooking a whole roast dinner for just the two of us sometimes was too much work. We always ended up with loads of leftovers or the both of us on the sofa with food comas. Roasts are meant to be shared with family and friends!


hwae dup bop (sashimi rice salad)

Back in the day, Ellicott City wasn’t overflowing with as many Korean restaurants, bars or supermarkets as it is now. There was one market and one restaurant, and that one restaurant was Han Sung. I’ve been going there since I was a little girl – after band recitals, graduation, school concerts, for any special occasion really. Our two options were the Sizzler on Route 40 or Han Sung in the St. John’s Crossing retail center (across the street from Rita’s). Good times! Now we have so many good restaurants to choose from in the area, but I still find myself craving Korean food from Han Sung.

Han Sung hasn’t changed much since then – the decor, the sushi chef, perhaps even the menu is the same. When you have something good, why change it? And I must say, they have THE BEST hwae dup bop in all of Maryland (the best I’ve had anywhere to be honest). Hwae dup bop literally means raw fish over rice. It’s like the Japanese Chirashi but a million times tastier. Think sashimi meets bibimbop – so freakin’ good. Many of the other Korean restaurants in Ellicott City have hwae dup bop on their menu, but if you want happy tastebuds and an even happier belly, trust me – Han Sung is the only place you should go for it.