A few weeks ago, I promised my nephew, Joseph, that Kevin and I would be on the sidelines at his next soccer game. That Friday night, I forgot to set my alarm and by the time I got up from bed, his game had already finished. When I spoke with my brother later in the week, he mentioned that Joseph kept looking over his shoulder for us. It broke my heart! So last Saturday, I made sure to wake up on time and watch my soccer star play. His team did so well! He ran over to us after the match with his arms wide open and gave us the biggest hug. “Gomo, we crushed them!” “You did bud, great job!” By the way, my nephews call me Gomo, it’s Korean for aunt (Dad’s sister). As we were walking back to our cars, my brother mentioned getting tickets to the Orioles playoff games. Go O’s! “I’d love to go!” I said. To that, my brother responded, “Sorry lis, I was talking to Kevin!”……. Oh!……….. I see how it is… Suddenly, flashbacks of my childhood popped into my head. (more…)