jerk dinner

Have you noticed that I love to cook in themes? I’ve been making lots of Korean/Asian and Italian dishes lately, I thought I’d try something different and go outside of my comfort zone. So I invited some friends over for a Caribbean themed – Jerk Chicken dinner. We even had Red Stripe Jamaican style lager! I slow cooked the chicken in the oven and then broiled the chicken pieces skin-side up just before serving to get that charred taste. Delicious!

jerk chicken Jerk Chicken. Try making this dish with scotch bonnet peppers. You can find them at your local Caribbean or Asian market. If you can’t, you can always substitute them with habanero peppers. I’ve made jerk with both, but I prefer the heat the scotch bonnet brings to the dish. It’s great!

mango salsaMango Salsa. This fruity salsa goes great with jerk. It adds a bit of sweet to the savory and helps cools down the heat from the peppers. I season all my salsas with the same 3 ingredients – lime juice, salt and pepper. You can make salsa with all sorts of fun fruits like pineapple, green papaya and watermelon.

coleslaw Coleslaw. Coleslaw adds a crispy texture and a fresh taste to any meal.

jerk spread

Here’s the spread. Look at all the colors and textures! What cuisine should I try next? Irish? Greek? Spanish? I have a paella pan that I haven’t used yet. Maybe I’ll make some pintxos or tapas and seafood paella. Dinner party anyone?

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