I absolutely adore Cinghiale in Baltimore’s Harbor East. Whenever we have something to celebrate, I find myself booking a table at the osteria. Even when we don’t have anything to celebrate, we’re there. Sometimes we go just to share a plate of cured meats and wine at the bar. We used to dine there quite often, but these days we only treat ourselves once a month and because there’s an abundance of new restaurants in the city, we like to switch it up and try other places as well. BUT recently, we received some good news and I knew I wanted to celebrate over a delicious meal at Cinghiale. The chef at Cinghiale uses seasonal local produce in the menu and I always enjoy trying out the different combinations like prosciutto with local peaches. It’s my favorite fine dining restaurant in the city, but don’t let the words fine dining intimidate you from checking it out. (more…)