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lisbeth eats … baltimore ramen

ramencollageI’m a huge noodle soup lover, if you couldn’t already tell. ūüėČ And ramen is one of my favorites. But really, which noodle soup isn’t a favorite?! HAHA. I usually make instant Japanese miso ramen at home. If you go to the fridge section of the Asian Market, you will find a variety of fresh noodles, including pre-packaged fresh ramen noodles with soup packs. Soft boil an egg with runny yolk, blanch some bean sprouts, add some pickled menma bamboo shoots, finely chop scallions, grill¬†some pork belly and TA DA I have a delicious bowl of wavey ramen noodles ready in minutes for dinner. Then I heard that there were a bunch of new¬†ramen spots popping up around Baltimore. I had to go check them out. Let the Baltimore Ramen Tour begin peoples! And well … end very quickly HAHA. There are only like 3 ramen shops in town – TenTen Ramen in Mt. Vernon, Dooby’s in Mt. Vernon and Ejji Ramen in Belvedere Square. (more…)

The Adventures of Irish Chip and American Fry

September is my favorite month of the year! (I know it is now nearing the end of October, but I wanted to give my favorite month a proper goodbye and thank you before it got too late!) I feel like good things always happen in September…I mean my brother and I were both born in September (scratch that, GREAT THINGS happen in September!! HOLLA! ūüėČ ūüėČ ūüėČ HAHA. Joking aside, this September in particular was exceptional¬†as we got¬†the¬†green light for a very special project we’ve been working on for some time! If you’ve been following me on facebook and twitter, you’ll know that Kevin and I¬†are opening a Specialty Fry Shop¬†called ‘THE LOCAL FRY’ in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.


the food market

Sunday brunch is a meal I enjoy very much and yesterday’s brunch was especially¬†enjoyable with Kevin’s brother joining us from Ireland. He was passing through Baltimore for less than 24 hours. Very short visit! Wish he could’ve stayed longer! We¬†planned to go out for Korean BBQ as soon as he got in Saturday¬†night, but we could tell he was pretty wrecked¬†from all the traveling. So instead, we had a quiet night in with Five Guys bacon cheeseburgers and fries and a nice bottle of red wine. It was a lovely night catching up on everything that’s been going on back home since our last visit. It’s funny listening to Kevin and his brother talk and joke around. It was like we were back in Ireland! Maybe I’m just used to Kevin’s accent or (oh, Kevin’s not going to like me saying this…) maybe Kevin is sounding more American ūüėČ , but I find their accents to be very different from each other. It took me a good 15 minutes to adjust my ears to understand what my¬†brother-in-law¬†was saying¬†HAHA. (more…)

bookmakers cocktail club

cocktails collageOne of the biggest things I miss about living in a city is going out for drinks without worrying over¬†how I’d get back home. I love me a good cocktail or a nice glass of wine (or 2 or 3). Since moving back stateside, unless someone else is driving, we¬†usually take turns drinking so that one of us can drive us both safely home.¬†My friend suggested we try Uber.¬†I¬†hear people use Uber and taxi services all the time. I don’t know why but I’m not completely comfortable taking a taxi from the suburbs to the city, but that’s just me being weird. I will definitely have to give it a try. I was hoping maybe I could convince Kevin to just move into the city instead. Perhaps¬†a place in Fed Hill with a roof top terrace – dinner parties with a view! What do you think Kevin? ūüėČ I know I know, not going to happen anytime soon.

Speaking of Fed Hill, have you been recently? Loads of new businesses are set to open there like Blue Moon Cafe, Cross Bar, and The Local Fry. I follow a bunch of Baltimore restaurants and bars on twitter and a few weeks ago, I saw that Bookmakers Cocktail Club was finally opening it’s doors for their soft opening. We were planning to go into the city to meet up a friend anyway, so we arranged to meet at Bookmakers. (more…)

cinghiale osteria…che buono!

I absolutely adore Cinghiale in Baltimore’s Harbor East.¬†Whenever we have something to celebrate, I find myself booking a table at the osteria. Even when we don’t have¬†anything¬†to celebrate, we’re there. Sometimes we go just to share a plate of cured meats and wine at the bar. We used to dine¬†there quite often, but these days we only treat ourselves once a month and because there’s an abundance of¬†new restaurants in the city, we like to switch it up and try other places as well. BUT recently, we received some good news and I knew I wanted to celebrate over a delicious meal at Cinghiale. The chef at Cinghiale uses seasonal local produce in the menu and I always enjoy trying out the different combinations like¬†prosciutto with local peaches. It’s my favorite fine dining restaurant in the city, but don’t let the words fine dining intimidate you from checking it out. (more…)

waverly farmers market

I really enjoyed this weekend’s trip to the market. It was my first time at the 32nd Street Farmers Market, also known as the Waverly Farmers Market, and I’ll definitely be back. What I love about going out to farmers markets is that not only do you bring home locally grown in-season produce, you get to discover¬†different neighborhoods and parts of where you live (for me, that’s Maryland)¬†that you would never stumble upon otherwise. We parked our car along E. 31st St. and I could see myself living in one of the row houses there with the colorfully painted front porch railings. I also tell Kevin I could live in Hampden, Fells Point, Fed Hill, Mt. Vernon, Canton¬†etc. Baltimore city always fascinates me – each street and neighborhood is so different from the next. Sometimes, I just miss living in a city.

July is the perfect time of year to find many great varieties of fruits and vegetables. We arrived with the intention to buy only a few seasonal berries and snap peas, and we ended up spending over $30 dollars on all sorts of goodies. We brought home peaches, red and black currants, gooseberries, blueberries, plums, snap peas, ginger, scallions, bean sprouts, kale, purslane and parsley.



People usually go to Federal Hill at night for the bars, but I like to go there in the day for lunch¬†or a hot cup¬†of coffee¬†and a big plate full of¬†beignets. What? Coffee and beignets in Fed Hill?¬†Oh you didn’t know?!?! To be fair, neither did I until a few weeks ago ūüėõ

We happened to be in Fed Hill one morning and we were looking for a coffee shop. Spoons Cafe was just the place. It’s a charming breakfast/lunch spot on 24 E. Cross St., between Pub Dog and The Stalking Horse. I’ve passed by Spoons many times, but its usually¬†after they are¬†closed for the day.¬†So I was happy to be¬†in the neighborhood while they were still open.

We weren’t particularly hungry that morning, but after a quick look down the menu, one item caught our attention. “O-NUTS baltimore-style cinnamon beignets topped with powdered sugar.” Let’s see –¬†I love Baltimore. I love beignets. I love powdered sugar. One order of O-NUTS please! ūüėÄ



I’ve always had a difficult time waking up in the mornings. But tell me to meet you at a farmers’ market and you’ll find me getting ready before the sun’s up. Okay, I’m exaggerating, I won’t be up that early. Let’s just say it’s one of the rare occasions¬†I don’t hit snooze.¬†This morning we went to the Baltimore’s Farmers’ Market and Bazaar on Saratoga St. just under the Jones Falls Expressway. The market, as always, was bustling. Whenever my husband, Kevin, and I go out to a market, we make a beeline for the coffee vendor and grab a pastry or two before we begin.¬†However, instead of our usual cuppa from Zeke’s Coffee, I decided to try something new and got my morning fix from a Thai street food stall. It was a half and half of sorts, not the traditional Baltimore half-n-half of sweet tea and lemonade, but a Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea mix. So refreshing! We walked the market a few times before finally deciding on which produce to buy.

baltimore's farmers' market