Kevin makes a gorgeous strawberry rhubarb pie. I wonder if he’ll make one again for me this summer. Last year we went to Larriland a few times during the strawberry season and loaded up on so many strawberries we didn’t know what to do with them all. Kevin is the baker in the family, so he’s in charge of making desserts. (He says I’m a two trick pony when it comes to desserts – cherry clafoutis and tres leches – but hey buddy my clafoutis and tres leches are super delicious!) The entire month of June 2013, he was churning out all sorts of strawberry creations – strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry soup, cheesecake topped with strawberries, eton mess, strawberry pavlovas, strawberry meringue roulade…it was strawberry madness. Unfortunately this year, strawberry season was too short and we only made it out to the farm on the last remaining days of the season. We knew we wouldn’t be back again for the strawberries and I really wanted to get 20lbs – but that’s me being greedy again. Greedy greedy lisbeth! We ended up with about 5lbs and ate them fresh throughout the day. Supermarket strawberries just aren’t the same…but I suppose they’ll have to do.

Here are some of the desserts we made. If you guys are interested in any of the recipes leave us a comment or email and we’ll try to do a tutorial blog on it next week. It’s been busy in the Irish house so we’ll be eating out a bit more often this week, so we’ll share with you all the delicious dishes we taste. If I can squeeze in a few recipes I’ll try my best to do so.

strawberry rhubarb pie 2strawberry pie and soup mini pavlovas

strawberry tres leches

Top to bottom: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (before baking in the oven), a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie and some strawberry soup, mini pavlovas with strawberries and grapes, tres leches

Currently at Larriland you can pick you own red raspberries, black raspberries, beets and swiss chard. If you haven’t been out there before, I recommend getting the whole family together and heading over to the farm to enjoy a day of harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s an especially great activity for children.

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