On hot days like today, Kevin and I prefer to snack instead of having a full-on meal. So today, we snacked on radishes (French breakfast variety) and little crudité sandwiches. They were light, crunchy and delicious. I scrubbed the radishes, made an herb butter by mixing a pinch of sea salt and finely chopped parsley with maybe 2 tbsp of butter at room temperature. Tore the baguette with my hands (I also cut slices like in the photo below), buttered it up, put on the radishes, sprinkled some sea salt and added 3 or 4 onion flowers on top. No cooking required and almost no clean up. I felt like I was pruning a bonsai tree, cutting the flowers off the tops of the onions. 🙂 You can serve these as an appetizer or with a pot of tea in the afternoon. Enjoy!

photo 4

flower onions

radish ensemble in salt


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  1. Where in hoco can you find these French breakfast radishes? This humble snack is one of my favorites but I’ve only tried it with spring radishes.

    • Hi Misscali.

      The French Breakfast radishes have been in season since mid-june. However, I didn’t see them at the stalls this weekend. I used to get them from the ‘Down to Earth’ stall at the Old Ellicott City Farmers Market (Lot D location). Try popping by this Saturday morning (9-1pm). I’ve also been buying produce from ‘TLV Tree Farm’ and ‘Love Dove Farm’ stalls on Fridays at the Howard County Farmers Market in the Hoco General Hospital Car Park. They don’t have radishes but their carrots, zucchini, eggplant and eggs are great! I also really like the Waverly Farmers Market on 32nd St. in Baltimore – they have loads of great produce and even Asian produce like bean sprouts, radishes with tops (great for making radish kimchi) and ginger. Hope that helps!

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