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I tried starting this food journal again, but whenever it’s a long or busy day I forget to document what I eat and trying to go back on the day’s meals gets pretty confusing HAHA. Will start again in the New Year. Hopefully by January 1, I will have learned to control my portions, make wiser food choices and double fingers crossed that I actually get myself to the gym – like physically, not just verbally or mentally (because if verbal and mental queues counted, I’ve been at the gym every day…like I’m there right now HAHA). Hope everyone enjoys the rest of 2014! Will try to post a few more entries before the year ends.

Lisbeth <3

Wednesday, December 3

Medium Coffee, cream and sugar (Dunkin’ Donuts)
Shared some chicken tenders and fries with Kevin
1 Mikado biscuit
Brisket and Pork Belly with rice and ban chan (Shin Chon, Ellicott City MD)
Tea, milk and sugar

Tuesday, December 2

Small coffee, milk and sugar (Spoons Cafe, Baltimore MD)
Coffee, milk and sugar (Spoons Cafe, Baltimore MD)
Fried Chicken and biscuit (Spoons Cafe, Baltimore MD)
Chai Cider (Artifact Coffee, Baltimore MD)
Half slice of pepperoni pizza (Costco)
Fried smelts
Shared Green Papaya Salad, Drunken Noodles with Chicken, Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp, Crispy Chicken with basil, onions, cilantro (Thai Arroy, Baltimore MD)
Paris Tea, milk and sugar

Monday, December 1

Medium coffee, milk and sugar (Spoons Cafe, Baltimore MD)
Pho 1 Large (Pho Van, Catonsville MD)
1 Fresh roll (vermicelli noodles, shredded lettuce, shrimp, rice wrap. Pho Van, Catonsville, MD)
Tea, milk and sugar
Kimchi jigae and rice
2 packets Salt n’ Vinegar Hula Hoops


Tuesday, September 30

lunch at Sushi Sono
– Miso Soup
– Seaweed Salad
– Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
– Sono # 12 roll
– Hurricane Eye roll
– Blue Fin Tuna Deluxe
Cafe au Lait from Le Comptoir at Petit Louis Bistrot
1 peppermint
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 croissant from Le Comptoir at Petit Louis Bistrot
2 Ham and Swiss Toaties with dijon mustard
1 tea, milk, sugar

sushi12 croissants

Monday, September 29

1 Coffee from The Daily Grind
Spaghetti with Arugula, Garlic, Lemon and Parmiggiano
2 Steak Tacos with Pico de Gallo, Cabbage and Radish with Lime Juice, Crema, Avocado, Cilantro, Habanero Hot Sauce
1 tea, milk, sugar

top with parmiggiano

Sunday, September 28

1 tea, milk, sugar
2 Carnitas Tacos with Pico de Gallo, Cilantro, Habanero Hot Sauce
half slice of Chocolate cake
1 cappuccino
a portion of fries
2 Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale
1 tea, milk, sugar

Saturday, September 27

Bun Bo Hue with sliced sriracha onions
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 cappuccino
Bahn Mi sandwich
1 tea, milk, sugar

Friday, September 26

3 pieces of wings, 1 western fry from Choi’s Chicken n Trout
Half n’ Half
1 coffee, milk, sugar
1 Dirty Martini with extra olives from The Capital Grille
Delmonico Steak with Parmesan Truffle fries, String Beans, Potato Gratin, Sauteed Mushrooms from The Capital Grille
1 coffee, milk, sugar
1 Cuba Libre at Wit & Wisdom
Truffle Popcorn at Wit & Wisdom

chickenbox delmonico

Thursday, September 25

Cajun Jambalaya Pasta
2 pieces of brown bread
1 tea, milk, sugar
half of a ham toasted sandwich
leftover Cajun Jambalaya Pasta
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 biscoff biscuit
1 tea, milk, sugar


Wednesday, September 24

1 Vietnamese iced coffee from Spro
lunch at Kiku Sushi
– 9 pieces of nigiri
– 2 pieces of tuna special roll
– 3 pieces of eel special roll
– 2 pieces of shrimp tempura with avocado roll
– miso soup
dinner at Ananda Restaurant (had a bit of all of these dishes)
– Vegetable Pakora
– Onion Bhajia
– Watermelon and Feta salad
– Chicken Korma
– Jingha Karari
– Naan
– Rice
– Papadum
– Cardamom ice cream
– Toasted Coconut ice cream
– coffee, milk, sugar
tea, milk, sugar

Ananda Restaurant is not only delicious, it’s beautiful as well! Went out for dinner with friends tonight. Lovely meal! 😀 Would’ve taken some photos but it was dimly lit and romantic inside I couldn’t get a good picture in. Will go back for lunch sometime and write a post about them soon! I texted my brother and sis-in-law as we were leaving the restaurant recommending Ananda for their next date night out. I’ve been eating out a lot this week! Hoping to make tacos for dinner tomorrow night, but we’ll see if I’m home and have time to cook. What a nommy nommy week I’m having!

Tuesday, September 23

lunch at Fogo de Chao (lots of meat!)
1 caipirinha
2 glasses of Silver Oak Cabernet
1 slice birthday cake
1 Japanese iced coffee from Artifact
1 molasses cookie
dinner at Salt – peach and beet salad, rabbit confit pasta, 3 slices of bread with tapenade
2 glasses of Malbec
1 Mariage Freres Marco Polo tea, milk, sugar

I’m so full! Eating two full meals out is a lot! I didn’t even go to the gym to compensate. First thing tomorrow, get up and go to the gym! Today was a great day<3

Monday, September 22

1 Tuna mayo onigiri
some rice with a fried egg and ketchup
1 espresso
1 Japanese iced coffee from Artifact
4 rice wrapped in seasoned seaweed
3 slices of Papa Johns pizza (onions, mushrooms, pepperoni)
1 Kusmi St. Petersburg tea, milk, sugar

tuna mayo onigiri

Had leftover rice, so made something super easy for lunch – Tuna Mayo Onigiri. Onirigi are Japanese rice balls. I have one of those triangle onirigi molds that I picked up from Hanoori Home Plaza in the basement of Hanoori Town in Catonsville, MD. I stuff the rice with tuna and kewpie mayonnaise and wrapped it with a sheet of seaweed. It’s one of our favorite snacks. We ordered a pizza for dinner – Monday night football and all. Oh and GO ME! I finally won this week in fantasy! 😀

Sunday, September 21

1 Mariage Freres Paris Breakfast Tea, milk, sugar
Bibimbop (spinach, bean sprouts, carrots, zucchini, onions, scallions, beef, fried egg)
1 glass ginger ale
half bowl of leftover bibimbop
1 Mariage Freres French Breakfast Tea, milk, sugar
1 caramel tim tam

bibimbopI made a proper bibimbop today with carrots, spinach, bean sprouts, zucchini and soy marinated beef. It was super satisfying. I don’t know if it’s because I make the Poor Man’s Bibimbop version a lot, but this tasted like a completed different dish. The Poor Man has more fresh salad greens and tastes lighter. This one was fantastic with cooked vegetables and proper meat. Yum! I’ve been eating a lot of sunny side up eggs lately. This photo is making me want to make another, but i’ll settle for my hot cuppa and maybe sneak in a biscuit.

Saturday, September 20

leftover Crispy Duck (it wasn’t crispy anymore) with white rice
1 menthe au limonade (French sparkling lemonade with mint syrup)
a few frites from Le Garage
a few bites of Frite Le Pochard from Le Garage
1 can Brewer’s Art Birdhouse Pale Ale
1 16oz Union Craft Brewing Hampden on Rye
1 fried Oreo
5 Fire-roasted marshmallows
2 Graham crackers
2 Fire-roasted Hot Dogs
1 bottle Stella Artois
a few bites of crab fried rice and drunken noodles


It was a very relaxed Saturday. We went out to Hampden Fest for the first time. It was fun, lots to see, eat, live music and great people watching. I really like that part of Baltimore. Afterwards, we spent the evening under the stars with friends around a lovely fire pit. Roasted loads of marshmallows. I like to toast the marshmallow in layers, each time it gets crispy I pull off the layer and eat it and do it again until it’s super gooey and then I sandwich what’s left with Graham crackers! I make s’mores without the chocolate. We also had hot dogs so we put them on the skewers and roasted them over the fire. They were delicious! I’d buy a fire pit just to roast hot dogs HAHA.

Friday, September 19

1 coffee, milk, sugar
2 slices of toast with butter and raspberry jam
Papaya Salad, Drunken Noodles, Crab Fried Rice, Crispy Duck in chili sauce with mushrooms from Thai House Restaurant
2 Singha beers
1 scoop Cherries Jubilee from Baskin Robbins
1 Mariage Freres Eros tea, milk, sugar

crab fried rice

Little Spice didn’t satisfy our Thai food cravings this week so we decided to go out for another Thai date night to Thai House Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD. SatNav said we’d get to the restaurant in an hour!! (SatNav is GPS, Kevin always says SatNav so I’ve picked up on it) So much traffic everywhere! Should’ve expected it though, Friday on 295/95! We took the back roads and got there in just over 40 mins and to make up for the long journey we over-ordered HAHA. We didn’t plan to skip lunch but we did and by the time we got to the restaurant we were starving. I hate getting to that point because when you do start eating, you can’t physically eat that much. We split the Papaya salad and when the main dishes came out, we were starting to feel full. Wrapped up the leftovers to go and will probably have it for lunch and dinner tomorrow. We really like Thai House (sorry if I keep pushing it on you, but we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve eaten there, every time.)

Thursday, September 18

1 coffee, milk, sugar
Sam Sun Gan Jja Jang Myun from Tien – minus a small bowl I shared with Kevin
3 Fried Mandoo from Tien
1 bite of Kevin’s Jjam Ppong from Tien
2 pieces of Tang Soo Yuk from Tien
1 coffee, milk, sugar from Bean Hollow
3 Fried Mandoo
a small handful of Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar puffs
3 glasses of Chianti Classico
1 mortadella sandwich (2 slices toasted white bread with butter, 1 slice mortadella)
1 tea, milk, sugar
2 caramel tim tams
1 jaffa cake

jja jang myun

We finally tried Tien in Ellicott City, MD. I don’t know why it took so this long to eat there. It was good. Kevin got the half Jjam Ppong/ half Tang Su Yuk. I had the Sam Sun Gan Jja Jang. We shared an order of Fried Mandoo. Eyes bigger than my tummy again! We ended up bringing most of the mandoo home, which I snacked on later in the day. We’ve been eating out a bit this week. I never made it out to the shops today but tomorrow’s a market day so will pick up some fresh veggies and eggs then.

Sam Sun Gan Jja Jang Myun – Noodles in black bean sauce, seafood, meat and fried onions
Jjam Ppong – Spicy seafood noodle soup
Tang Soo Yuk – Crispy battered and fried pork in a sweet sauce
Mandoo – dumplings

Wednesday, September 17

1 caffe latte
4 Irish breakfast sausages
toasted baguette with butter
1 glass pepsi
4 Irish breakfast sausages
toasted baguette with butter
4 slices of Mortadella
1 earl grey tea

frying sausagesYup, you read it correctly I had the same thing for lunch and dinner. I wanted to finish the sausages before they went off – kind of a simple food day for me. Running out of food in the house, will have to go for a shop.

Tuesday, September 16

1 coffee, milk, sugar
1 16oz. Thai iced tea
1 coffee, black
half portion drunken noodles from Little Spice
2 spring rolls from Little Spice
1 tea, milk, sugar
a handful of Luke’s Cheddar Clouds
1 Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad from Cheesecake Factory
3 pieces of brown bread, 1 piece white bread from Cheesecake Factory
half a slice of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory
1 tea, milk, sugar

We had drunken noodles from Little Spice for lunch today. Funny thing, we called for an order of Spring Rolls, Green Papaya salad, Chicken Satay and Drunken Noodles, but they don’t offer appetizers during lunch except for spring rolls and house salad. The call went something like this:

Me: Can I order Green Papaya Salad and Drunken Noodles
Little Spice: Sorry, we don’t have Papaya Salad for lunch. We have house salad.
Me: Oh ok. Can I get Chicken Satay and Drunken Noodles.
Little Spice: Sorry, we don’t have Chicken Satay for lunch. We don’t do appetizers except spring rolls and house salad.
Me: Oh ok. Can I get Spring Rolls and Drunken Noodles.


So we ordered spring rolls and drunken noodles and shared. Thai House is still the best Thai we’ve had in MD! If only it was closer. We had a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory so we went there for dinner. We always go in thinking we’d have a slice of cheesecake, but we never do (the portions are so big we’re always too full for dessert!). Tonight, we thought what the hey and ordered a slice of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake to share. Sweet night!

Monday, September 15

1 coffee, milk, sugar
4 Irish breakfast sausages and mashed potatoes
1 24oz iced coffee, milk, sugar from Dunkin’ Donuts
12 pieces Chick-fil-a nuggets
1 bowl of rice
2 packets seasoned seaweed
1 tea, milk, sugar


I’ve been eating a lot of seasoned seaweed lately. I eat them like chips, with rice or as a garnish on some Korean dishes. I get mine at Costco. I didn’t always but the Kirkland brand is better than some of the brands I used to buy at the Asian market. I wanted to share an order of Drunken Noodles from Little Spice, but we were in a meeting during dinner hours and when we got back, Little Spice was closed. Settled for some Chick-fil-a nuggets with rice and seasoned seaweed. Sounds strange together, doesn’t it? Want to hear something even more odd? I dipped the nuggets in ranch too! Chicken + Rice + Ranch sauce + Seaweed = not bad. 😉

Sunday, September 14

1 tea, milk, sugar
1 slice leftover pizza
1 portion kimchi fried rice with pork belly, fried egg and seasoned seaweed
1 Bavarian cream donut from Donut Shack
1 24oz iced coffee, milk, sugar from Donut Shack
2 bunches of concord grapes
1 tea, milk, sugar

kimchi fried rice

After having yummy kimchi fried rice at my friend’s house on Friday, I thought I’d make it for Kevin tonight. I made it Chul Pan-style and pressed the fried rice into the pan on high heat at the end to create a crispy layer on the bottom. YUM! I could’ve had a second portion but I knew we were going to the Donut Shack so I saved some calories for a Bavarian Cream donut. 🙂 Tomorrow is the start of a new week – more eating, cooking and hopefully will be better with my blog posts this week. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, see you tomorrow! Oh and scroll down, I posted a photo of the curry soba and bahn mi sandwich.

Saturday, September 13

1 summer roll
Bun Bo Hue with sriracha onions (great for rainy days)
1 caffe latte
2 bunches of concord grapes
3 slices of Papa John’s pizza (jalapenos, sausage, bacon)
1 glass of Pepsi
1 tea, milk, sugar

concord grapes

Friday, September 12

1 tea, milk, sugar
3 egg omelette with yellow and red peppers, red onion, scallions, bacon, ham, tomato salsa and avocado
1 20oz half and half (iced tea, lemonade)
1 Dutch caramel wafer
1 packet seasoned seaweed
2 portions kimchi fried rice with pork belly, fried egg and seasoned seaweed
some kimchi jigae (kimchi stew with tofu and pork)
1 cappuccino

Thursday, September 11

1 Chipotle burrito bowl (white rice, peppers and onions, steak, pico, corn salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce)
1 20oz Coke
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 Salad (lettuce, yellow and purple peppers, radishes, cucumbers, scallions, red onions, tomatoes, homemade greek seasoning with olive oil, homemade tzatziki)
1 coffee, milk, sugar

Monday, September 8 – Wednesday, September 10

Sorry guys! I was pretty busy at the start of the week and wasn’t able to write in my food journal. I do remember going out with my family for Korean BBQ for lunch and Japanese curry soba noodles for dinner on Monday; a bunch of french fries for lunch and Tonkatsu with cabbage slaw for dinner on Tuesday; Bun Bo Hue with sliced sriracha onions for lunch and made a Bahn Mi sandwich for dinner on Wednesday. I’m sure there were pots of tea and coffee with milk and sugar had and random things like a bite or two of gravy fries, tim tam biscuits and some white bread. HAHA. Lots of Asian food so far minus the gravy fries, tim tams and white bread!

curry soba bahn mi

Sunday, September 7

1 coffee, milk, sugar
1 coffee, black
2 slices Cranberry Walnut sourdough with Kerrygold butter
1/2 a portion of tender bites and fries
1/2 a portion of burger and chips
5 16oz cans of Miller Lite
4 KFC hot wings
a burger
4 forkfuls of coleslaw
1 scoop Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip ice cream
1 tea, milk, sugar

ravens stadiumWent to the Ravens game today! It was perfect weather for a game, just wish we had won. I figured I’d be eating bad today, but wow when you see it all written down like that it looks worse! HAHA. Hoping to catch an Orioles game this week…let’s hope I don’t go crazy with the stadium/drinking food like I did today.

Saturday, September 6

1 coffee, black
4 slices of pizza (2 Mmmm Breakfast, 2 A River Runs Through It) from River House Pizza Co.
1 16oz Thai iced tea from Thai Spices
1 salad – romaine lettuce, carrots, shallots, cucumbers, French breakfast and Purple plum radishes (Love Dove Farms), yellow, red and purple bell peppers (Down to Earth Farms)
3 slices of Cranberry Walnut sourdough from River House Pizza Co. with Kerrygold butter
1 coffee, milk, sugar
a handful of UTZ sour cream and onion chips
1 grapefruit
4 golden berries

cwbreadWent to the Ellicott City Old Town Farmers Market today for lunch. While I was there I picked up some more vegetables from Down to Earth Farms (yellow, red, purple bell peppers, eggplant, beets) and my favorite Cranberry Walnut sourdough from River House Pizza Co. I had loads of vegetables now, so I finally made myself that salad I’ve been talking about. It was super crunchy and fresh. Loved it! And I even made it out to the gym! 🙂 I’m eating a bit better, but I’m still snacking on things like chips and French fries… we’ll see if I can curb that habit. French fries maybe not 😉 😉 😉 but the chips I will…after I finish the big bag of UTZ! 😉

Mmmm Breakfast – parmesan, mozzarella, garlic cream sauce, bacon, diced tomatoes, kale, cracked egg

A River Runs Through It – parmesan, mozzarella, caramelized onion, pepperoni, sausage, marinara (We always get this one when we go to River House Pizza Co.)

Friday, September 5

1 coffee, milk, sugar
1 shoyu ramen with onions, scallions, egg
6 boiled mandoo
1 16oz Thai iced tea from Thai Spices at the Howard County Farmers Market
2 slices of homemade brown bread with Kerrygold butter
1 bowl of homemade cream of mushroom soup
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 pint sungold tomatoes from Love Dove Farms at the Howard County Farmers Market
3 glasses of Chianti Colli Senesi
2 handfuls of UTZ sour cream and onion chips

brown breadI didn’t end up making that salad, but I did try to eat lighter today…that is until our friend came over for a night cap and I opened a bottle of Chianti and sneakily opened a big bag of UTZ potato chips! You might think ramen is heavy, but I find it refreshing and a good change from a week of meat and potatoes. Noodles in a comforting bowl of piping hot broth. Yum! It’s been a week or two since my last visit to the Farmers Market, so it was good to go out there and pick up some fresh local vegetables. Love Dove Farms had 3 varieties of radishes today – I brought home 2 bunches of French Breakfast radishes, 1 bunch of Purple Plum radishes, young fresh ginger, and Sungold tomatoes. Planning to stop by the Ellicott City Old Town Market in the morning. I promise salad for lunch tomorrow! 😉 I tried out a new brown bread recipe! Doesn’t it look fantastic?

Thursday, September 4

a carrot
a portion of fries
tonkatsu with curry and kimchi
1 16oz black cherry vanilla soda
dinner at Fork&Wrench (escargot bun, chicken liver mousse, mussels, pickle board, scotch egg, whiskey wings – all shared with Kevin)
1 cocktail at Fork&Wrench
1 tea, milk, sugar

I ate a little less today (portion-wise) but I find that I’m still not making healthy(ier) choices with my meals. I’m trying to cut out fried foods, sodas and alcohol, but it’s actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. I haven’t had kimchi in a while so that was a nice addition to lunch. We ate a mish mash of everything at Fork&Wrench – it was our first time there. Our favorite dish was the chicken liver mousse! Heard good things about the octopus dish, but we went for loads of starters tonight instead main courses. Will have to order that the next time. I’m determined to make a salad for lunch tomorrow and go to the gym!!! Wish me luck 🙂 No picture today.

Wednesday, September 3

1/2 blueberry cardamom bun
1 8oz glass whole milk
1 12oz cold brew iced coffee, black at Dooby’s Coffee
1 spicy Asian pork sandwich at Corner Bakery
1 20oz half lemonade half tea
2 1oz bag of Corner Bakery chips
1 tea, milk, sugar
1/2 blueberry cardamom bun
3 corned Irish-style ribs, some potatoes, some cabbage with YR sauce
3 spoonfuls of Pat Bingsu at Shilla Bakery
1 sip of Taro Boba Tea at Shilla Bakery
1 20oz bottle ginger ale

irish ribsWow! I ate a lot today. Ribs turned out well. I usually order Irish meats and products (like cocktail sausages, rashers, black and white pudding, corned beef and ribs) from www.tommymoloneys.com. Used YR sauce from Ireland – we like it better than HP or Chefs Sauce. And Kevin taught me to eat this dish with a bit of the cooking liquid poured over everything! It’s tastier that way 🙂 I still had tea with milk and sugar, but I did drink my coffee black. I think Corner Bakery does a pretty good version of Bahn Mi – spicy Asian pork sandwich. It’s not authentic but I like it a lot. Looking back on today’s foods, I should stick to drinking only water (and teas and coffees of course) and cut out the potato chips!!!

Tuesday, September 2

1 tea, milk, sugar
1 portion shepherd’s pie
a handful of french fries
1 portion leftover chicken, leek, bacon pie
1/2 portion shepherd’s pie
3 glasses champagne rose
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 blueberry cardamom bun

shepherds pieMy best friend popped over for a bit while her car was getting fixed in the shop. Made her my version of shepherd’s pie. Kevin made the mash for the top (his mash is the best!). We ate this for lunch and dinner. I need to cook smaller portions so we don’t have to eat the same thing all day, but I’m making pies so I guess it’s expected. We also finished off the last of the chicken pie…well I did. HAHA. Had good news today so we celebrated with some champagne! 😀 Tried a new pastry recipe. Night cap with fresh baked pastry and tea. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have tea without milk and sugar!?!?!??! Maybe not! 😉

Monday, September 1

1 coffee, milk, sugar
1 portion chicken, leek, bacon pie
1 tea, milk, sugar
1 grapefruit
1.5 portion chicken, leek, bacon pie
1 tea, milk, sugar
a handful of french fries
1 glass raspberry sparkling wine

chicken pieWe had rotisserie chicken from Costco on Sunday, so I made a chicken, leek, bacon pie with the leftover meat. I was going to use puff pastry I thawed out in the fridge, but it must’ve been in the freezer for quite some time as it was dried out in parts with freezer burn. Tossed that and made a quick short crust pastry (super easy, will post a recipe soon). Crust came out lovely and flakey. We had it for lunch and dinner, save one portion that I will eat tomorrow.

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    • Hi Sue!
      I really liked the Fork & Wrench interior. They have a great cocktail menu. I probably would’ve ordered a few more drinks, but you know… watching the waistline 😮 HAHA. 😉
      The menu is very creative and has a lot of slowfood items – octopus is cooked for 36hours, whiskey wings are slowcooked for 5 hours before being deep fried. I’m glad I finally tried it, but now that I have I would check out other restaurants before going back for a second time (for food). I would go for cocktails often though! Give it a go!

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