Nothing says summer like a few dozen steamed Maryland blue crabs and an ice cold pitcher of beer. Oh and don’t forget the hush puppies and French fries. French fries go with everything! I wanted to show you the proper way to open a crab (at least how I was taught to open them), but I didn’t think it through. As I got the crab ready for the shot, I realized my hands were now covered in seasoning. I should’ve just taken photos of my friends eating their crabs. I’m sure there will be many more crab feasts this summer, so look out for a photo tutorial – I’ll plan ahead next time.


It was a perfect day for a drive out to the Chesapeake. We headed over the Bay bridge to Harris Crab House on Kent Island, one of my favorite places to go out for crabs (and nutty buddy). It’s right on the water so the views are amazing, although I didn’t pay much attention to the views until I was finished eating. I needed to concentrate on getting the meat out of its shell.

There are a few ways to eat the crab. I usually take the meat and dip it in the seasoning covering the shells. I love how each crab house has their own proprietary seasoning blend and Harris makes theirs just right. When we steam crabs at home, I use good ol’ classic Old bay. You can also dip the meat in drawn butter. Mmm, melted butter. Last summer, I was taught a new way to eat crabs. It’s not a new thing around here, just new to me – dip it in cider vinegar. It makes the meat so sweet. How do you eat crabs?

crablookingatmeYummy! I’m gonna get you!

*Be careful eating crabs if you have cuts on your hands or short nails. IT BURNS! And a little trick to get the seafood smell off your hands is to rub lemon on them when you’re done.



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