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Whenever I come home, I head straight for the kitchen to turn on the kettle. What’s gotten into me? The only time I go mad for tea is when I’m in Ireland. Suddenly here in the states, I have this thirst for tea all the time. I grew up drinking Bo Ri Cha (barley tea) at home, but that’s not the same. Bo Ri Cha was like everyday drinking water for us, it’s the stuff they serve at all the Korean restaurants.

Do you guys remember when Barnes and Nobles first opened in Ellicott City? It was around the time ‘You’ve Got Mail’ was out in theaters, maybe a year or two before that film. It was the beginning of the whole specialty coffee/Starbucks takeover of America. Anyway, It was considered cool back then to go to Barnes and Nobles with friends to “study” and have specialty coffee drinks and fancy teas. That’s when I first started drinking hot teas – Republic of Teas Ginger Peach with just a bit of honey. I thought I was so grown up and cool! HAHA. It wasn’t until much later that I learned how to drink a proper cuppa with a bit of milk and sugar. Mmm.

The first thing I look forward to when visiting the family in Ireland is being welcomed with a fresh pot of Barry’s tea and a plate full of tea sandwiches – Brennan’s sliced pan, some Kerrygold Irish butter and a slice or two of turkey or ham. The simplest things make me so happy. Knowing how much my mother-in-law and sis-in-law enjoy their tea, I thought I’d bring them over a tin of one of my favorites, Harney and Sons Paris. They appreciated the gift and gesture, but nothing beats Irish tea for them. Kevin told me they wouldn’t think it’s proper tea… but I thought I could convert them. HAHA. Yea, Kevin and I ended drinking all the Paris tea sachets during our stay. But I have to agree, nothing beats a nice cup of Barry’s. This is how much tea I’d drink in Ireland.

Wake up. Tea.
Before dinner (that’s lunch for us American folks). Tea.
After dinner. Tea.
When you get back home from town. Tea.
After tea (dinner). Tea.
In the evening. Tea.
Before bed. Tea.
And don’t forget if you have guests call out to the house. Tea.

You’d think I’d be tea-ed out by now, but here I am already making my second pot today. And I’m not even in Ireland!!!

Here is a list of all teas I drink at home.

Numi Moroccan Mint
Ineeka Camomille
Harney and Sons Paris, Earl Grey
Mariage Freres Eros, Marco Polo, Opera and Earl Grey
Kusmi Tea St-Petersbourg, Four Red Fruits

If you want to be fancy, try making a Parisian Mist with Harney and Sons Paris. A Parisian Mist is a tea latte using vanilla infused black tea (Paris) with vanilla syrup. I usually steep 2-3 Paris tea sachets in a pot, like I’m making a regular pot of tea. In a tea cup add about 2 TSP of Monin’s Vanilla Syrup, fill the cup half way with tea and top it off with warm frothed milk. It’s always a hit when I serve this drink after dinner.

tea breakfastThis is a typical morning in our house. Irish brown bread and a pot of Barry’s.

I’d invite you all over for a fresh pot, but i have to head out now and get some work done. 😉 Let me know what teas you like to drink in the comment section below. Follow me on facebook and twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog. Happy Eating!

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