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Guess where we’re going for lunch today? You got it, Hangari Noodle Company in Hanoori Town in Catonsville, MD. Oops, I suppose the title of this post gave it away. It’s been about a month now since they opened and I’ve been waiting for a cold autumn day to write about them. It’s my ploy to entice you all to head over there and check it out. ūüėČ There’s just something so comforting about eating a hot bowl of noodle soup on an overcast day like today.

I really like kalgooksoo! Hand rolled and cut noodles, prepared fresh to order, served in a large bowl of piping hot broth, who can say ‘no’ to that?! Not this girl! And judging by the crowded dining area of the Hanoori Town food court, I’m not the only one. Hangari Noodle Company is a great addition to the 2 other restaurants, Bu Du Mak and Too Young/Chan Mat, who have had residence in the food court since Hanoori Town opened 6 years ago.

I wrote a little introduction on the chef and restaurant on¬†HowChow’s blog before they opened and here are some photos I took from their soft opening. My mom and I tried a variety of dishes that day, including Clam Pancakes and Steamed Mandoo (dumplings), that disappeared before I could take a photo. I wonder what happened to them!?! ūüėČ I confess, it was me…I made them disappear! HAHA. The Clam Pancakes with soy dipping sauce were great!

bori dj

This is the Bori Bop (brown rice) with a drizzle of sesame oil, Dwen Jang (bean paste) and Yulmoo Kimchi (young radish stem kimchi) appetizer that is offered to guests while they wait for their food order.

dj on bori

Take a little bit of the Dwen Jang and mix it into the brown rice. Like all sauces, mix in a little first as you don’t want it to be too salty.

yulmoo dj on bori

Top with a few pieces of kimchi. Place the whole spoon in your mouth. Yum! Very simple yet full of flavor. Having this before your meal definitely whets your appetite!


Bajirak Kalgooksoo. Bajirak is the type of clam that is used in this dish. Clam Kalgooksoo is a classic. This broth is just fantastic!

chicken kgs2

Chicken Kalgooksoo. Each bowl of Chicken Kalgooksoo is served with half a chicken. If you’re looking for something meatier, this is a good option.


Kimchi Kalgooksoo. Kimchi stews, soups and broths are so comforting. So ‘shi won hae’ as Koreans say or refreshingly cool. You know, come to think of it I¬†describe really good hot broths as ‘shi won hae’ but it kind of doesn’t make sense. Have I been using this Korean phrase wrong my whole life? HAHA.

hwae mool kgs

Seafood Kalgooksoo for large parties. It holds 4 portions of noodles and soup but is large enough to feed 6 people, quite impressive! When this massive crock of noodle soup came out, everyone in the food court was oo-ing and ah-ing.¬†We didn’t order this, but¬†I snuck over to¬†a group beside us¬†who did¬†and took a few photos of their meal. Hope they didn’t mind!

Mmm, looking through these photos again has made me really hungry for lunch. I think I’ll have the Bajirak again today! Hangari gets quite busy during peak hours, but we’re going in for a late lunch so I hope the waits not too long. I don’t mind a little wait though, gives me an excuse to look around the different housewares shops in the basement. Maybe I’ll even pick up a nice Korean blanket/comforter to take home to nuzzle up in on this cold autumn day! (Korean blankets are the best!)

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