Hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July! We celebrated the holiday at a friend’s bbq stuffing our faces with good food and ice cold beers. I love how the holidays bring people together, especially friends from out of town that you haven’t seen in ages. We watched the world cup, played some outdoor games (couldn’t have asked for better weather) and I even learned how to play Spades. Well when I say learn, I mean I watched others play, but I think I understand the rules now. I think. I’m awful at card games, unless it’s UNO or Go Fish! I love playing Batman UNO with my nephews, we always team up against grandma (my mom). I know I know that’s not fair – but I still high-five my nephews when someone puts down the joker and makes grandma pick up 4 cards!!! The kids think it’s hilarious!

Speaking of my mom, I recently showed her my blog. She’s not very internet savvy, picture Beatrice from those esurance commercials. Sorry mom! 😀 She was delighted that I was trying something new like blogging and recognized some of the dishes I had posted. I told her we’d be going to the Fells Point Farmers Market this Saturday if she wanted to come with us and that we could go to Old Ellicott City afterwards for lunch and try the wood fired pizza I wrote about. Unfortunately, she already had lunch plans today. So before we went out to Fells Point, we quickly stopped by Old Ellicott City, picked up 2 pizzas and surprised her with breakfast. It’s ok to eat pizza at 10 am isn’t it? 😉 Oh and I finally got that cranberry walnut bread! Mmm I can’t wait to take a slice and slather on some Kerrygold Irish Butter.

It’s a gorgeous day to be out by the waterfront. Fells Point Farmers Market is located on Broadway Square & Pier, the perfect place for a farmers market in the city. We were here on opening day back in May and have been back a few times this season. Each time we visit there are more and more vendors and shoppers, which is fantastic. There was an abundance of produce today – so many vibrants colors. But I didn’t buy much as we have a busy week ahead of us and might not be able to cook many of our meals at home. So we picked one or two things I knew we’d use today and sat out on the pier for a bit before heading home. I think tonight we’ll have fennel radish salad and deviled eggs with micro cress. After all the ribs I had yesterday and pizza this morning, I need something light. 🙂

zucchini colorful cauliflower beets 1

fennel swiss chard microgreens

I picked up some fennel from the Gravel Springs Farm stall and some micro cress from City Hydro. It’s always fun visiting City Hydro. The friendly vendors let you try all the different kinds of microgreens on offer – amaranth, lemon basil, arugula, mustard, cress, fennel. Those little guys are packed with such strong flavors! They educate you on the process of growing and benefits of eating microgreens. The last time I was there, I got a nice big peasant wheat sourdough from Atwater’s, a clamshell of micro fennel and micro arugula and used them to make tartine sandwiches. Kevin thought I only got them because they are cute, which is something I would do haha. But their flavors really complimented the other ingredients I used in the tartines and they made them look beautiful.

fellsmarkettartinesA tartine is an open faced sandwich. Whenever I travel to Paris, I try to stop by Cuisine de Bar, a restaurant that specializes in tartines using the famous Poilâne sourdough bread. One of my favorite tartines from Cuisine de Bar is made with sardines. I had some tinned sardines at home so with the ingredients from the market, I decided to recreate that dish. I made 2 different tartines that day – sardines with micro fennel and radish and boiled eggs with micro arugula. They were delicious! I simply opened the tin, mashed up the sardine with olive oil and sea salt, topped the bread with mixture and micro fennel and one tartine was done. I sliced radishes with a mandolin, sliced hard boiled eggs with an egg slicer, buttered my bread, placed the slices on top with mayonnaise and micro arugula and the other tartine was done. Another meal that looks fancy but is so simple to make!


Kevin, are these for me?! You shouldn’t have!

There is free parking in Fells Point until 10am on Saturdays, so get there early. Baltimore is beautiful and there’s a lot to do and see both at the market and around the Fells Point neighborhood. Check out their website for a full list of vendors and hours. We always have a great time in Fells Point and I’m sure you will too!

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  1. I’ve never been to the Fells Point Farmers Market before! I’m thinking of going to the one under the JFX tomorrow. Not sure how much I’ll bring back considering I did my grocery shopping for the week today… I’ve heard from some of the vendors at the Ellicott City Farmer’s Market talk about the one in Waverly, have you been to that one?

    • Waverly is the one on 32nd St. yea? I haven’t been there yet. Was thinking of going today but I wanted to get some microgreens so we went to Fells Point instead. The one under the JFX is the biggest market in Baltimore – I got a lot of good veggies and bought this adorable knitted Oriole bird hat for my nephew the last time we were there. Lots of produce vendors, prepared food vendors and crafts. I started my blog with a post about the one under the JFX. We might head to Waverly next week! If we don’t and you do, let us know how it is! 😀

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