On market days, we try to leave the house early so we can be back in time to prepare lunch with our purchases. Today, however, we planned to have lunch at the market and left closer to noon. The extra sleep was nice, but we missed out on the one item I was looking forward to buying all week – a cranberry walnut sourdough!

This was our second visit to the Farmers Market in Old Town Ellicott City. By the way, was Historic Ellicott City always called ‘Old Town’? I always thought it was just OLD Ellicott City. When I hear ‘Old Town’ I think of Alexandria. It doesn’t really matter either way, but I grew up about 2 miles from there, you’d think I’d know this stuff. The market is set up in two separate car parks – Lot D and the Wine Bin. Don’t forget to check out both. On our first visit a few weeks back, we only stopped by the one in Lot D. We had planned to make a roast the following day, so I only needed some carrots and spring onions which I found at Down to Earth Farm’s stall and we spent the rest of the time sampling breads at River House Pizza Co. Their breads are amazing and the chef/baker/proprietor only makes them for the Saturday markets! We did bring home a baguette and an Italian herb focaccia and I really wanted to get the cranberry walnut sourdough and a pizza too, but I was being greedy. So we said we’d come back another day for those. And we did – TODAY!

Here is what we got today:

today's produce

Spring onions with flowers, carrots, radishes (Down to Earth Farms), broccoli, potatoes, farm fresh eggs (Breezy Willow Farm) and cherries (Baugher’s Orchard).

Our first stop was Down to Earth Farm. The spring onions and carrots were so sweet and delicious the last time we had them, I made sure to pick some up again. They also had radishes this week so I got a couple bunches of those as well. Then we headed to River House Pizza Co. and ordered the Breezy Willow Breakfast pizza (parmesan, mozzarella, bechamel sauce, bacon, spinach and cracked egg). Wood fired pizza, thin chewy crust, fresh toppings and ingredients. Buonissimo! We found a table for two in the shade and enjoyed our lunch in the open air with live music playing in the background…if only we had some wine haha.

breezy willow pizza


taking a slice

We then made our way to the market by the Wine Bin. I got a dozen farm fresh eggs, potatoes and broccoli from Breezy Willow Farm. The vendor was telling me about the breads at River House and I told her how we just had a pizza there before walking over. She asked me which one I had and I told her ‘The Breezy Willow.’ Breezy Willow Farm, Breezy Willow Pizza! Oh, I get it. She told me how every Saturday morning after setting up, the proprietor of River House heads over to the Breezy Willow Farm stall to buy ingredients and fresh produce for their pizza toppings. How great is that?! Then I got a pint of cherries from the Baugher’s Orchard stall. The friendly vendor there joked that I would eat all the cherries before getting home (because they are so good), and I told her I was going to use them for a clafoutis. “Clafoutis?” she asked. So I showed her this blog 😉

If you are ever in the area on a Saturday morning or looking for a nice lunch spot, do check out the Farmers Market off Main St. in Old Ellicott City!

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  1. Must check that out next time (which will probably be this weekend as I want the pizza again). Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Lisbeth, thanks for sharing your blog post with us at River House Pizza! It perfectly encapsulates what the Market and all the wonderful vendors are trying to provide for the community. We are also set up Saturday evenings from 5:30 -8:30 for “Concerts on the Courtyard”. Live music is provided in collaboration with the Little French Market, and begins around 6:30. The best part is the courtyard is BYOB, so feel free to bring that bottle of Wine or pick one up from the Wine Bin! I will look forward to your further blog posts, they are a good read!

    Jonathan Huntoon
    Director of Operations and Marketing
    River House Pizza Company

    • ‘Concerts on the Courtyard’ sounds great! Will definitely try to make it out on a Saturday night with friends for another one of your gorgeous pizzas and a bottle or two of wine. 😉 We’ve been raving about your pizzas and breads to all our friends! I think I’ll be your first customer this Saturday, I don’t want to miss out on your cranberry walnut sourdough – they sell out quick! 😀

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