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I woke up this morning craving iced coffee and a glazed donut. There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts just up the road, but I was thinking of something more special from the Donut Shack in Severna Park, MD. Kevin got up before me (like every morning) and when I went downstairs he already had a pot of tea made for us. 🙂 Maybe we’ll swing by the Donut Shack later in the day. Oh wait! It’s Sunday, football’s on all day! Will have to trick Kevin into leaving the house.

I first heard about the Donut Shack from my friend. I kept sending her photos of Voodoo Donuts while in Portland. She had to have some and went out in search of the perfect chewy glazed donut. I didn’t mean to tease her (or maybe I did HAHA), but when I plan on writing a post about a certain food or dish, I try not to post photos online in advance and I text it to my friend instead. It’s fun having a friend who loves good food. Through her, I’ve discovered many good restaurants and I think I’ve introduced her to some good recipes and restaurants as well. A good example is the Donut Shack.

The Donut Shack is open 24/7 and offers over 60 varieties of flavors from which to choose. They do both cake and raised versions. The donuts are very affordable and made fresh daily. The shop has a retro diner feel to it with barstool seating along a maze-like counter.

donut shack 2 donut shack 1

On our first visit, Kevin had the Chocolate Peanut (Cake) and I had the original Glazed (raised). Kevin’s cake donut was a little dry, but I liked that the peanuts were salted and made the donut a bit savory. The glaze was delicious and if the chocolate peanut was on a glazed raised donut, I think Kevin would’ve liked his better. The iced coffee was fantastic as well. I love donut shop coffee! If the Donut Shack was closer to us, I’d probably frequent the shop more often for their coffee. (I would say donuts too, but I really shouldn’t be going for donuts too often. HAHA.)

chocolate peanut honey dipped

I just looked at today’s game schedule. I think I can get Kevin to go out sometime before the 8:30pm games begin. YES! 🙂 Today, I’m going to try a raised donut that’s filled with custard or cream. Maybe I’ll pick up a dozen and drop a few off at my brother’s house while I’m out. Give the Donut Shack a try and if you have a favorite donut shop do share in the comments section below – would love to check it out.

Donut Shack
497 Richie Hwy
Severna Park, MD 21146

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