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jja jang myun

jja jang myunMy favorite Korean food as a kid was Jja Jang Myun. I could eat bowls and bowls of these delicious black bean noodles and when there were no more noodles, I’d mix the leftover sauce into a bowl of freshly steamed white rice and make Jja Jang Bop. Just needed to take out the tupperware holding grandma’s kimchi from the fridge and I’d enjoy a most satisfying meal. 😉 (more…)

hangari noodle company

chicken kgs

Guess where we’re going for lunch today? You got it, Hangari Noodle Company in Hanoori Town in Catonsville, MD. Oops, I suppose the title of this post gave it away. It’s been about a month now since they opened and I’ve been waiting for a cold autumn day to write about them. It’s my ploy to entice you all to head over there and check it out. 😉 There’s just something so comforting about eating a hot bowl of noodle soup on an overcast day like today. (more…)

hwae dup bop (sashimi rice salad)

Back in the day, Ellicott City wasn’t overflowing with as many Korean restaurants, bars or supermarkets as it is now. There was one market and one restaurant, and that one restaurant was Han Sung. I’ve been going there since I was a little girl – after band recitals, graduation, school concerts, for any special occasion really. Our two options were the Sizzler on Route 40 or Han Sung in the St. John’s Crossing retail center (across the street from Rita’s). Good times! Now we have so many good restaurants to choose from in the area, but I still find myself craving Korean food from Han Sung.

Han Sung hasn’t changed much since then – the decor, the sushi chef, perhaps even the menu is the same. When you have something good, why change it? And I must say, they have THE BEST hwae dup bop in all of Maryland (the best I’ve had anywhere to be honest). Hwae dup bop literally means raw fish over rice. It’s like the Japanese Chirashi but a million times tastier. Think sashimi meets bibimbop – so freakin’ good. Many of the other Korean restaurants in Ellicott City have hwae dup bop on their menu, but if you want happy tastebuds and an even happier belly, trust me – Han Sung is the only place you should go for it.


korean bbq (how koreans eat it)

the spread

I still remember the first time I brought Kevin’s family out to eat Korean BBQ. I was living and studying in Milan at the time and whenever we had long weekends or holidays, we’d travel to see each other. You don’t know how many Ryanair/Aerlingus/Alitalia tickets I have saved in our memory box. Milan to Dublin, Dublin to Milan and sometimes somewhere in between – Paris, London, Edinburgh…Sounds incredibly romantic, doesn’t it? Have you heard how we met?!?!? We were two strangers in Paris, by the Eiffel Tower, and it was pouring outside. I didn’t have an umbrella and was getting soaked in the rain. Then this handsome Irish gentleman (that would be Kevin) offered to walk with me under his umbrella. As we were crossing the boulevard together, I tripped and he turned towards me and caught me in his arms. COME ON GUYS, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY BUYING THIS TALE?! Things like that never happen to real people!!! We did meet in Paris, but our story is nothing like that. 😉 I’m getting off topic here – back to the Korean bbq story. Where was I? Oh yes, so I flew into Dublin to spend the holidays with Kevin and his family.