Hi Everyone! It’s been a while, huh? I’m sure everyone’s forgotten all about the holidays BUT I hope ye had a lovely holiday season and a great start to this fabulous New Year! (3 weeks late in my greetings. Oops!) This post about Irish snacks has been in the works since November. Each time I sign back on to work on it, I end up having to edit it to suit the day’s date and happenings. Hopefully, today is the day I publish this post. I have some time to kill as I wait for city inspectors to swing by and give us the green light to open The Local Fry. 🙂

How should I begin this post? Ah ok, so I told myself I’d start this year right with a healthy new diet, daily workouts at the gym and a new post each day. It’s now just after 3 weeks into 2015 and…. well, as far as my diet, it still needs a lot of work. Exercise, I mopped the floors at the restaurant – that counts as arm exercises right?!?! Daily posts, maybe after today?! HAHA. I’m hopeless! I’m just waiting to start working again. One of two things are likely to happen. I’ll either lose weight and get fit by working crazy hours and eating small portions of food here and there throughout the day when and if I can. Or I’ll gain weight because the crazy hours mightn’t give me time to eat during normal hours. Then instant ramyun becomes my best friend!

Every Monday I tell myself that it’s a good time to put into action my plan to get fit and healthy. Never happens though does it? I remember the night the new season of Downton Abbey premiered, some girlfriends and I got together over potluck and wine. There was a gorgeous shepherds pie, salad with candied walnuts and pears, and pound cake with strawberries and cream. I helped myself to two servings and told everyone I’d start my diet the next day. Actually a few of us said the same. I don’t know if they’ve followed through, but my diet starts again next Monday 😉 . Life got in the way. I know it’s not an excuse, fitness and health should be a part of my life. Ok. Ok. I’ll start today, even though it’s not a Monday – if I wait until next week, who knows how much more damage I’d do HAHA. Anyway, in order to jump start my new healthy lifestyle, I must say goodbye to my favorite fatty snacks. To be fair, we received this crazy sweet and crispy care package from Ireland back in October and we gobbled up every last piece of chocolate and packet of crisp, so the temptation to snack is no longer surrounding us. (If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’ll know I’ve found many other ways to snack!!!) Can you imagine how unhealthy we must be?!?!? ALL OF THIS has been eaten! Gross (yet so incredibly delicious)! Ireland has the best snacks! Scratch that. If they had UTZ, then they’d have THE best. I’ve personally banned myself from the chip aisle at the supermarket. I can’t resist UTZ Sour Cream and Onion (The rippled ones in the huge family size bags are insane!) and Lay’s Kettle Cooked Salt and Vinegar!

Goodbye guys! Tear. HAHA. I vow not to snack until my next trip to Ireland or until I can run 10 miles straight without stopping. You think I can do it? 😉


While I say goodbye, all of you who are new to these snacks, please say Hello! 🙂 Especially if you plan to take a trip to Ireland or the UK. 🙂 Now you can find Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate in the states, but it’s just not the same. I find that the same brand tastes different when produced in a different country. Most of these sweets are UK brands, but the ones you buy in Ireland taste even better than the ones you buy in the UK. Irish chocolate is so creamy!

We had:

Cadbury Snack Wafers (pink)
Cadbury Snack Sandwich (purple) – chocolate and biscuit bar
Cadbury CurlyWurly – chewy caramel ladder covered in milk chocolate
Cadbury Starbar – peanut and chewy caramel center covered in milk chocolate
Cadbury Moro (or Boost) – caramel and crispy biscuit covered in milk chocolate
Cadbury Crunchie – golden honeycomb covered in milk chocolate
Cadbury Flake – crumbly textured flakey milk chocolate bar
Cadbury Twirl – crumbly textured flakey milk chocolate bar dipped in milk chocolate
Cadbury Dairy Milk – milk chocolate bar
Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish – milk chocolate with turkish delight filling
Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo – milk chocolate with chunks of Oreo and sweet cream filling
Galaxy Minstrels – milk chocolate buttons with a hard candy shell
Galaxy Cookie Crumble – milk chocolate with cookie crumble bits throughout
Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp – milk chocolate with crispy honeycomb bits throughout
Nestle Walnut Whip – whirl shaped cone of milk chocolate filled with whipped vanilla fondant
Jacob’s Elite Tea Cakes – biscuit topped with mallow covered in milk chocolate
McVittie’s Tea Cakes – biscuit topped with mallow covered in milk chocolate
Terry’s Chocolate Orange – orange flavored milk chocolate, shaped and sectioned like an orange, with orange pop rock candy bits throughout

My favorites are StarBar, Moro, Maltesers Teasers (at Easter they’re called ‘MaltEASTERs’ and at Christmas they’re called ‘MERRYteasers’ 🙂 ), Galaxy Cookie Crumble and Minstrels. Galaxy chocolate is my favorite.


Crisps!!! Potato chips and corn snacks make the best treats. Kevin has the sweet tooth in this family and I could eat savory snacks all day. So I like to think this portion of the care package was prepared for me! 😉 😉 😉 They don’t turn your fingers bright orange like the snacks here and they have fun flavors and packaging.


Hot + Spicy and shaped like monster paws. I don’t know if they used to be called Monster Munch, but there’s also another crisp called Monster Munch (below).


Monster Munch. Is this the original? I prefer Tayto Mighty Munch better, but it could be because I was introduced to Mighty Munch first. They’re both pretty good.


You can find Tayto Cheese and Onion in the states. Some Irish pubs like Fadò sell them at the bar. Have you ever had a crisp sandwich? Take a handful of Tayto Cheese and Onion and sandwich it between two slices of Kerrygold buttered white bread. YUM! In Waterford, Ireland we do this with their specialty roll, the Blaa. (Don’t tell the Waterford people, but a Blaa is just a roll with a bunch of flour on it HAHA.)


Bikers are shaped like bike wheels. These are also hot + spicy flavored. These are one of Kevin’s favorite snacks.


Kevin loves pickled onion flavored corn snacks. These are shaped like little crab looking ‘meanies.’ It kinda looks like the grinch, doesn’t it? His other favorites are Hot Lips, Banshee Bones and Burger Bites. How fun are these names?!?! I suppose the closest thing to any of these corn snacks would be Funyuns.

hulahoopsMy favorite from the pile are Salt & Vinegar Hula Hoops. So crunchy!  My nieces and nephews love putting hula hoop rings on each of their tiny little fingers. Funny kiddies! I always bring back at least a dozen packs for myself, my brother and friends.

Wow, that was a long goodbye! Can’t wait for my next trip to Ireland or for another one of these lovely care packages. In the meantime, I’ll be working on those 10 miles 😉

I’ll try to be back this week with some recipes, haven’t posted any good recipes in a while. Follow me on facebooktwitter and instagram and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog. Happy Eating!

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  1. I love all of the funny names that they give their snacks! When I lived in Mexico I noticed that the snack names/brands were funny too like “Bimbo”… lol

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